Visiting A 1 Person Massage Shop? Expect To Pay Higher Price

Massage is one of the most important elements in a hectic city like Manila. It’s therapeutic and relaxing, and it’s a good way to get rid of stress. Massage can also be fun when you visit a 1-person massage shop.

But if you’re not careful with your choice of masseur or masseuse, you may end up paying more than what you should have paid for just getting that body treatment.

Here are some things to consider before visiting massage shops:

Massage Is A Service, An Experience

You may be surprised to learn that massage is not just a physical activity. It’s also an experience and can be used as an effective tool for stress relief, relaxation, and overall wellness.

Massage is not only about muscles; it’s about the mind, body, and spirit too!

You Are Not Buying A Product

You are buying an experience, a service, and perhaps even a way of life. Massage is not a tangible thing like shoes or food; it’s more than that. It’s something that you feel in your heart and soul when you leave the massage shop after getting your treatment done by someone who cares about their customers’ well-being more than anything else in the world (or at least until they start thinking about money).

Don’t Compare With The Price Of A Regular Masseur Or Masseuse In Town

When visiting a 1 person shop, don’t compare the price with that of a regular masseur or masseuse in town. You are not just paying for a service; there is more to it than that.

You should expect to pay higher because:

  • You are paying for the experience (the atmosphere, ambiance, etc.)
  • You are paying for the time and effort of both therapist and staff (they have to travel to your location)

If You Find It Too Costly, Look For Other Options Like Massage Clinics And Spas

If you find 1 person shop too costly, look for other options like massage clinics and spas. Massage clinics are more affordable than solo masseuses because they have a higher turnover rate and the therapists there tend to be more experienced in their craft.

Spas also provide excellent massages at reasonable prices but you should expect longer waiting times compared to other places where appointments are usually available on short notice.


Massage is not just a physical experience; it’s an emotional one too. It helps you relax and clear your mind, which is why we believe that it’s important to invest in yourself by visiting a professional masseur or masseuse once in a while.

The price may be higher than what you’re used to paying but rest assured knowing that it will be worth every penny spent on yourself!