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Question: IRS WMR website ..!!!?

I just wanted to let everyone know that up until today the WMR had not shown any information for me, But this morning when I called the IRS Refund phone number AND checked the WMR website it DID in fact give me my information.

I e-filed on 1/12/2010, It was accepted 1/17/2010 and I am suppose to have my refund on 1/29/2010.

I hope the WMR has updated for the rest of you as well, As I know a lot of people were distraught because it was not working. :)

Answer: Mines updated too!! So excited only 2 more days!!

April 15 Tax Deadline Looming

SIDNEY – The April 15 deadline to file income taxes is approaching quickly, and the Internal Revenue Service is reporting that electronically filed tax returns are on track with last year. The IRS said in a news release that overall refunds are running nearly 10 percent higher so far this year.

Erika Luckett with irs live in Pordenone 29-07-2007

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