IRS Overpayment Refund

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IRS Overpayment Refund

Question: How do I get the IRS to refund my tax overpayment?

I received a notice several weeks ago that I owed some money to the IRS for my 2007 taxes. After a little investigation, I determined that they were right and I had made a mistake on my 2007 return. I sent a check in for the amount owed, it was cashed by the Treasury, and I have a copy of the cancelled check. Unfortunately, I completed my return for 2009 at about the same time, and the IRS deducted the amount owed for 2007 from my 2009 refund. So, I have now paid the delinquent 2007 taxes twice.

Any ideas how I get the IRS to pay me back for the overpayment? I visited the local Taxpayer Advocacy office, and the completely uninterested, probably incompetent “advocate” told me there was nothing she could do and it would all eventually work itself out and I would get repaid. I am VERY skeptical. Thanks for any advice.

Answer: The taxpayer advocate was right, just be patient and it will eventually work itself out. The IRS is flooded right now processing this year’s returns and refunding overpayments is not high on their priority list. Give them time and they will eventually recognize the double-payment and issue you a check.

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The Missouri Department of Revenue will be distributing important tax information in a new way. In previous years, the Department mailed a Form 1099-G letter to taxpayers who itemize their deductions on their federal income tax return.

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